DIY Binding Carpet Remnants

When is DIY carpet binding needed?

There are a number of circumstances where carpet binding is the best repair choice…

Turn leftover carpet remnants from a wall-to-wall installation into custom area rugs to protect your new carpet in high-wear areas, such as in front of couches, down halls or even under your dog or cat bed. In fact, ANY carpet with raw edges can be fabricated with any binding application you choose. Carpet remnants can make great mats around the home, garage or basement.

Repair or resize area rugs you already own that have minor damage or frayed edges to look like new again, simply by rebinding the exterior edges! Or make a large area rug you love into smaller rugs.

Have a favorite large area rug that has a permanent stain? Trim off the stain and have the edge rebound, or divide the unstained sections into smaller rugs.

Attach existing rugs of different sizes and shapes, then add a new binding for a simple and cheaper alternative to buying a brand new carpet.

If you are Using these for an outdoor setting or for a work shop you can use a blow torch!  Tutorial found in this youtube video here. This is not a quality finish and would only use in a garage basement or industrial setting.

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